Glamour Princess Pool Riding!


Gooddess Barbie uses her slave Smirni to ride around the pool. First, the devilish blonde beast rides royally on her horse along the pool. When they arrive at the big mirror, they take a short break while the self-amorous princess admires herself in the mirror. She orders her submissive servant to support her with words and homage. Smirnie then worships her all over her body with GODDESS WORSHIP. He kisses her perfect ass and lifts her up into heaven with flowery words. The answer he gets from the arrogant Glamour Bitch is only snappy verbal self-adulation. Then the gallop continues. Again the sadistic glamor diva sits on her horse and continues riding around the pool. He comes to a stop again when the diabolical god princess hits him on the ground and tramples on his head while she pulls him on the leash. After he has endured this chicane too, the majestic rider sits up again and gallops with him around the pool to the end.

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